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Gear ratio: 5.6
Practical drag force (kg): 1 / maximum drag force (kg): 3
Weight (g): 160
Spool size (diameter mm / stroke mm): 39.5 / 8
Amount (lb-m): 2-115, 2.5-100, 3-70 / Fluoro yarn winding amount (lb-m): 2-90, 2.5-80, 3-65 / PE yarn winding amount (No.-m): 0.3 -140, 0.4-100, 0.6-80
Maximum winding length (cm / one handle rotation): 69
Handle length (mm): 40
Number of bearings BB / roller: 4/1
To taste the best of light salt games. NEW Soare BB that inherited the high-end model's luxury and function. Including “CORE PROTECT,” which has improved waterproof performance without compromising the response to rotation, Aging dedicated drag that fine adjustment works in the low drag area, “Rigid Support Drag” that enables smooth and stable delivery of lines, smooth winding comfort Such as "HAGANE gear"
that lasts, NEW soar BB where high-end model's luxury and function live. The long-awaited 500S size is also newly released.

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