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Gear ratio: 4.4
Maximum drag force: 112.7 N / 11.5 kg
Weight: 540 g
PE [power pro boat game] thread winding amount (No.-m): 2-470 / 3-300 / 4-230 / 5 -180
Maximum winding length: 51 cm (per one rotation of the handle)
Spool size: 44 / 24.4 mm
Spool lower winding line (PE No.-m): 3-200
Number of bearings (SA-RB / BB / roller): 8/2/1
Handle length: 60 mm
Shimano winding power: 59.0 kg (578 N)
Practical durable winding power: 7.0 kg (68.6 N)
Maximum winding speed: 190 m / Min
Practical hoisting speed (1kg load): 138m / min
Practical hoisting speed (2kg load): 129m / min
Practical hoisting speed (3kg load): 114m / min
Quick Latch
Smart dial
Choy winding button
Body of ultra-lightweight carbon material [CI 4+]
Ultra-fine shift control
Submarine / Fish depth display
Other motor &
clutch interlocking function light game Of the light game to jump out as the mainstream of boat fishing, without holding back to fishing style Electric reel that would also change the set has been demanded. And now, in addition to the framework No. 800, it is Force Master 800 that broke the conventional fixed concept and was born by newly mounting a powerful heart called MUTEKIMOTO +. As long as a powerful PE line can be built into a small body, it is not necessary to limit the strength. The reel now has the ability to cover the field range from horse mackerel to 10 kg class blues, ie No. 400 to No. 2000. As well as achieving a practical winding endurance of 7.0 kg, Shimano's original carbon new material CI4 + provides about 20% body weight reduction, SMARTCONTROL, and ultra-fine shift control, and even the term "generality"
is a performance enough to feel obsolete In other words, it is possible to handle large fish and heavy fishing with under-sized reels in the conventional sense of values. The new chapter of "Motor Light Game"
changes everything and walks with this one over everything.

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