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Fits up to a Pro DSLR with lens attached (up to 300mm f/2.8), extra camera body 4-6 extra lenses, flash, tripod and accessories
Contoured shoulder straps and padded waistbelt help evenly distribute weight and provide extra comfort
Body-side access for added security and quick access to gear while wearing
Hideaway Tripod Mount secures a tripod to the pack
Front storage panel for extra accessories and small personal items
Style:Flipside 400 AW | Color:Pine Green Product Description The Flipside 400 AW is a high-performance, large-capacity backpack that is built for the outdoor pro photographer or serious enthusiast looking for extra security, body-side access and all-weather protection. The contoured shoulder straps and padded waist belt help evenly distribute weight and provide extra comfort. Body-side access allows for added security, and quick access to gear while wearing. Features an adjustable and padded camera compartment for easy customization of gear. Front storage panel for extra accessories and small personal items. Built-in All Weather AW Cover protects gear from the elements, and the Hideaway Tripod Mount secures a tripod to the pack. The silent zipper pull provides quiet access around film crews or wildlife. SlipLock attachment loops expand carrying capacity. Fits a Pro DSLR with lens attached (up to 300mm f/2.8), an extra camera body, 4-6 lenses, flash, accessories and small personal items. Pro DSLR models that fit in the Flipside 400 AW include: Canon EOS 1 Dmk, Canon EOS 5D/5Ds/5D Mk II/7D, Canon EOS 70D, Canon EOS Rebel T5, Nikon D3200, Nikon D4/D4s, Nikon D7100/D7200 and Nikon D800/D810. From the Manufacturer Flipside 400 AW Manufacturer Description: Flipside 400 AW is a high-performance backpack designed for extra security, easy access and all-weather protection. Its unique back-entry compartment provides easy access to camera gear when setting up (keeping harness off the ground and clean), plus extra security when on the move. Main compartment secures a professional DSLR, attached zoom lens, plus multiple accessories. The premium set of features includes: Hideaway Tripod Holder, Hypalon SlipLock attachment loops, memory card pockets, and built-in All Weather Cover. Perfect for the traveling photographer who needs to keep expensive gear securely tucked away, yet close at hand to capture the shot in a moment. Hardware Capacity: Up to a Pro DSLR with attached 300mm f/2.8 (most makes), additional body and 4-6 additional lenses, charger and cords, filters, flash unit and 3 memory cards. Flipside 400 AW Highlights: 1. Contoured Shoulder Strap with Padded Waist Belt Evenly distributes weight and provides exceptional comfort 2. Unique Back Compartment Entry Offers easy access to gear and added security while wearing 3. All Weather Cover Offers maximum protection against rain, dust and sand 4. Hideaway Tripod Holder Secure a tripod to the pack 5. Memory Card Pockets Quickly find memory cards in the same place every time 6. Silent Zipper Pulls Provide quiet access around film crews or wildlife 7. Stretch Mesh Side Pockets Keep water bottles and other personal items within easy reach 8. Front Storage Panel Provides quick access to cables, adaptors, small accessories or personal items 9. 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