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Length: 76.0mm
Weight: 3/16oz
Type: Floating
DYING FISH is a topwater plug crafted to imitate dying baitfish on the surface. Equipped with 3 special line eye locations, DYING FISH has a few tricks up its sleeve: tie to the center eye for shaking roll-action, or left/right location for side-sliding action towards the left or right side. Cant reach the back of the overhang? Tie to the right, cast, and slowly work your DYING FISH underneath that cover! Unlike traditional lures, DYING FISH is able to travel sideways. This allows targeting of new, hard-to-reach cover, and also makes it easier to target productive rock walls without your boat getting in the way.Ideal for targeting shoreline tules, rock walls &
visible structure, and overhangs. Advanced castability allows long approaches from tight shoreline quarters, or long casts from the boat without spooking fish.
Japan Import

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