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Hitachi moisturizing support device Hadakurie Hot & Cool CM-N3000 W *AF27*
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To support the gentle skin making the skin ◆ lowering the gradually frequency from the frequency in stimulation less to hypo & coercive humidity waveform skin, by micro-step waveform which changes slowly wiggle voltage, it is possible to suppress the irritation to the skin you can use. ◆ In the back of the dirt gently draw temperature cleansing mode of pores, pull gently on the skin by using the electrical nature of the back of the dirt of pores, and prepares the skin in a clean state. ◆ News timer function equally clean your skin with equipped (every 45 seconds) ◆ Strong lotion of thickened also be used (warm moist up) ◆ Double head mounting ◆ Switching of skin-friendly titanium dimple head ◆ Warmth heat-cool cooling button: mode switching level switching ◆ Display function: Mode lamp-level display lamp (in weak · · strong) ◆ 4 mode (a total of 11 minutes) ◆ Auto-off function warm cleansing warm moist up Yutaka mask: in use for 3 minutes automatic stop cool mode: automatic stop (preparation time 10 seconds) [Important Notice] Display panel of the main body and Instruction manual are written in Japanese. You can download the English manual from the manufacture's website. LINK : ( English manual starts from P34- ) [The difference between New CM-N3000 & OLD CM-N2000 ]
●Changing the power waveform, the energization time of the skin was about 1.4 times longer without changing usage time.
●Warm-up mode, when the level Weak use] CM-N2000 about 12.42msec, CM-N3000 about 17.28msec. According to Hitachi, compared with the time of conventional models used, that the moisture content of the skin changes about 1.5 times.
●Announcement alarm function of every 2.45 seconds is added.

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